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IconAuthorLevel nameSizeAgeDownload
Magic Key iconKatrtlenMagic Key89.52 kB3Y 6MDownload
Teleport Orb iconKatrtlenTeleport Orb74.75 kB3Y 2MDownload
Mechanic (fix'd) iconKaworuMechanic (fix'd)666.06 kB7Y 3MDownload
Mechanic iconKaworuMechanic665.89 kB7Y 6MDownload
The Ninja Quest(UNFINISHED) iconKaworuThe Ninja Quest(UNFINISHED)329.62 kB7Y 2MDownload
The Ninja Quest(UNFINISHED) FIX'D iconKaworuThe Ninja Quest(UNFINISHED) FIX'D329.64 kB7Y 2MDownload
Parkour iconKazusParkour24.06 kB6Y 8MDownload
tests iconkeithtests22.63 MB5Y 8MDownload
Candeh 2 The Boogerman iconkeith and googoogjoobCandeh 2 The Boogerman22.63 MB5Y 8MDownload
Windows 95 Meets Juni iconkeith And IcyWindows 95 Meets Juni22.63 MB5Y 8MDownload
Bee Nest 2 The Lost House iconkeith And TutaBee Nest 2 The Lost House22.63 MB5Y 8MDownload
test1 iconkenjitest124.67 kB5Y 1MDownload
Rainfall iconKenoguLabzRainfall25.40 MB6Y 5MDownload
Monothith iconKent MudleMonothith6.79 MB8Y 3dDownload
Kev - My first Level iconKevKev - My first Level43.31 kB5Y 10MDownload
Hard iconKev KevHard25.38 kB5Y 10MDownload
SYDE 1 beta (No music) iconKGSYDE 1 beta (No music)283.65 kB8Y 4MDownload
SYDE 1 beta iconKGSYDE 1 beta56.09 MB8Y 4MDownload
Teenhmifnoeafgil iconKGTeenhmifnoeafgil23.50 MB5Y 1MDownload
Too much Soda iconKGToo much Soda41.12 MB3Y 2MDownload
Coquelicot's Tea Party iconkharmsCoquelicot's Tea Party1.16 MB5M 23dDownload
iazoKnyttStories iconiazoKnyttStories24.83 kB6Y 7MDownload
First Level iconKilo71First Level28.25 kB7Y 7MDownload
Here We go iconkinkerHere We go1.07 MB3Y 9MDownload
Knytt Mansion(Fixed version) iconkintendoKnytt Mansion(Fixed version)27.74 MB5Y 7MDownload
Knytt Mansion iconkintendoKnytt Mansion27.74 MB5Y 7MDownload
Yayz iconKirbyYayz252.32 kB8Y 4MDownload
Level TEST iconKittyLevel TEST144.79 kB7Y 9MDownload
Tsymelia Prologue iconKlamriskTsymelia Prologue4.19 MB7Y 8MDownload
Underbart iconKlamriskUnderbart3.48 MB4Y 8MDownload
The Updown Journey iconklopThe Updown Journey44.77 MB5Y 2MDownload
Contemptment iconKlyxContemptment473.46 kB6Y 1MDownload
Echo voice iconKlyxEcho voice548.01 kB7Y 11MDownload
The Room iconKlyxThe Room184.93 kB7Y 11MDownload
THE Cave iconKlämriskTHE Cave3.15 MB8Y 4MDownload
THE Cave v 1.1 iconKlämriskTHE Cave v 1.13.15 MB8Y 4MDownload
The Escape iconKlämriskThe Escape413.74 kB8Y 4MDownload
Transition 1 and 4 iconKlämriskTransition 1 and 4562.42 kB8Y 4MDownload
Transition 1, 4 and 5 iconKlämriskTransition 1, 4 and 5562.98 kB8Y 4MDownload
anne iconknyttanne227.17 kB5Y 7MDownload
mix up iconknyttmix up25.22 kB8Y 4MDownload
Unknown Story iconKnyttUnknown Story229.39 kB8Y 27dDownload
Cave iconKnyttFan1Cave25.06 kB7Y 10MDownload
Cave Fix iconKnyttFan1Cave Fix25.06 kB7Y 10MDownload
Cave v1.0 iconKnyttFan1Cave v1.025.06 kB7Y 10MDownload
Dale iconKnytt MasochismDale26.73 kB8Y 4MDownload
Untitled iconKnyttsterUntitled3.29 MB5Y 8MDownload
journey iconk ojourney3.54 MB8Y 4MDownload
Clockwork iconKohdiClockwork165.79 kB5Y 23dDownload
Return to Riku Island iconKohdiReturn to Riku Island4.38 MB6Y 5MDownload
Riku Island iconKohdiRiku Island5.30 MB8Y 4MDownload
Riku Island 4.0 iconKohdiRiku Island 4.08.32 MB8Y 4MDownload
The Black Tower iconKristjanThe Black Tower97.95 kB8Y 3MDownload
Illiris iconKrumelIlliris166.36 kB7Y 7MDownload
Illiris v101 iconKrumelIlliris v101166.45 kB7Y 7MDownload
tutorial iconKS Level Tutorialstutorial24.83 kB7Y 11MDownload
Dupa iconKubaDupa26.19 kB7Y 8MDownload
Cubed (bug fix) iconKyodoCubed (bug fix)45.14 kB7Y 5MDownload
Cubed iconKyodoCubed45.11 kB7Y 5MDownload
Don't Stop Running iconKyodoDon't Stop Running8.39 MB5Y 23dDownload
01 icon016.22 MB7Y 11MDownload
Mazelenge iconlambMazelenge1.26 MB6Y 10MDownload
Scary Maze iconlambScary Maze1.51 MB6Y 10MDownload
small challenge demo iconlammetsmall challenge demo30.21 kB5Y 10MDownload
small challenge demo v2 iconlammetsmall challenge demo v231.53 kB5Y 10MDownload
A Quagmire of Awkwardness iconLary144A Quagmire of Awkwardness29.30 kB7Y 19dDownload
Into the Cosmos iconLary144Into the Cosmos26.69 kB6Y 11MDownload
WaterWorld iconLBWaterWorld17.43 MB9M 12dDownload
Coutry Life iconLCCRCoutry Life30.00 kB6Y 8MDownload
The Wormhole iconLegend BirdThe Wormhole87.04 kB8Y 4MDownload
Dead Hotel iconLemonFavouredDead Hotel28.29 kB8Y 4MDownload
Letters iconLeNDexLetters6.33 MB8Y 4MDownload
Tutorial FR iconLenoTutorial FR2.18 MB6Y 9MDownload
mayapreview iconLeonScirramayapreview35.20 kB6Y 3MDownload
et Me Take You to the Beach iconet Me Take You to the Beach3.57 MB8Y 4MDownload
cheifmaster iconLevel 1cheifmaster52.01 kB6Y 6MDownload
Birch Forest iconLewisWolkeBirch Forest122.05 kB4Y 1MDownload
Knytt Forest iconLewisWolkeKnytt Forest367.26 kB2Y 9MDownload
The Birch Forest iconLewisWolkeThe Birch Forest332.87 kB4Y 18dDownload
The Harsh Winter iconLewisWolkeThe Harsh Winter35.47 MB2Y 8MDownload
The Field iconLiamThe Field26.27 kB8Y 4MDownload
Abduction - v1.1 iconLightningEagleAbduction - v1.1374.49 kB8Y 4MDownload
Abduction iconLightningEagleAbduction374.49 kB8Y 4MDownload
The Egyptian Terrorist iconLimeThe Egyptian Terrorist37.07 kB7Y 11MDownload
Knytt Shop iconLimeLemonKnytt Shop27.27 kB7Y 27dDownload
The mysterious pink land iconLimeLemonThe mysterious pink land1.45 MB8Y 4MDownload
Find the bug iconLingonFind the bug24.84 kB8Y 4MDownload
Lost-Beta iconLingonLost-Beta1.16 MB8Y 4MDownload
Legend of zelda(DEMO) iconLinkLegend of zelda(DEMO)58.04 kB5Y 10MDownload
Legend of zelda iconLinkLegend of zelda4.44 MB5Y 10MDownload
As I closed my eyes iconLinusAs I closed my eyes38.13 kB5Y 23dDownload
Color Coordination iconLittle PineappleColor Coordination32.78 kB7Y 10MDownload
Retrieval iconLittle PineappleRetrieval191.77 kB8Y 4MDownload
Infastructure iconlollerobotInfastructure65.99 kB7Y 13dDownload
The wasteland iconLOLmasterThe wasteland67.91 kB6Y 6MDownload
The wasteland1 iconLOLmasterThe wasteland1958.59 kB6Y 5MDownload
LoL iconLoL ZerglingLoL28.26 kB7Y 8MDownload
LoL iconLoL Zergling FinalLoL34.14 kB7Y 8MDownload
Prologue v1.1 iconLordMarzogPrologue v1.12.04 MB5Y 4MDownload
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